Guide to Self-Onboarding on QuotaBook

Welcome to QuotaBook! 🎉

Please follow the below guide to self-onboarding your data on QuotaBook. If you'd like QuotaBook team's assistance for onboarding, please check this page instead. 

Note: If you don’t have a QuotaBook account yet, please email us at or click request demo to leave your contact information and we will reach out to you.

3 Steps to QuotaBook Onboarding

QuotaBook onboarding process is largely consisted of 3 steps: 

  1. Accepting our invitation (explained below)
  2. Updating information about your institution (detailed guide pages linked below) 
  3. Updating information about your stakeholders, shares and options (detailed guide pages linked below) 

1. Accepting email invitation to QuotaBook
  • Please accept our invitation sent to your email to proceed with account registration. 
    • Please register with the email address of the person to be in charge of QuotaBook’s account.
    • Once registration is complete, don’t forget to click “Notification - Requests - Accept” from the upper-right corner of the page.

    • Your QuotaBook manager has been temporarily set as administrator for the account creation process. Please delete this QuotaBook account from "General - Permission & Roles".

2. Updating institution and board information 
  • Your institution and board information would have been already updated by your manager upon account creation, based on what's written on official documents.
  • Should you need further changes, please refer to below for detailed guides:

3. Updating information about your stakeholders, shares and options

Note: Please contact your manager if you have any issues or need our help to update data on your behalf.

  1) Before issuing shares, please follow the below to update stakeholder information. If you are to grant options, please follow the below guide as well to setup information of the grantee. 

  2) Please follow the below guide to issue shares.

  3) Once options have been granted, follow the below guide to update their information.

  4) To bulk update capital changes such as bonus shares or stock split, please follow the below guide.

    ▶︎ Bulk updating capital changes (to be updated)

Also check - Frequently Asked Questions

  • For other difficulties during your onboarding process, please check out our FAQs
  • ▶︎ QuotaBook FAQ
  • If you still have questions, please click the Help button or email us at and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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