Using data rooms to store and share investment data

You can update, store and share investment-related data and documents in Data Room.

This page explains how to:

Creating Data Rooms

Navigate to: [Dashboard] → [Data Rooms]

  1. To create a new data room, click+ Create New] button on the left panel of the Documents tab. 
  2. Choose a name for the new data room. We recommend naming data rooms after associated funding rounds.
  3. To upload data, click [ + Add New] and choose how you wish upload files. You can upload any file directly from My Documents.

Setting access permissions

Navigate to: [Dashboard] → [Data Rooms]

  • You may add VCs to Data Room by clicking [+ Add user] from the Permissions tab. 
  • Once the VC accepts your invitation, you can check whether they are able to view this data room.

Checking access logs

  • View who accessed what and where anytime.