[Options] Signing option contracts

When the company sends you a request to sign the contract, you will receive an email shown below.

You have to sign up first if you are not a user yet.

Once you sign up and log in, the notification center will pop up, and you'll see a signing request. Click the [Sign] button to proceed.

Please fill the required information.

📌 The contract paper will be created based on the information you provide on this page. Please write the legitimate name and address.

Once you check out all the information written on the paper, click [Select a Signature] and select one.

If none, click [Create New Sign] and create a new signature.
Don't forget to click [Create]!

📌 Drag and locate the signature image on the proper position. Otherwise, the contract won't be valid.

Click the green button when it's all set.
Ta-da! you just concluded the contract.  You can see the granted options and the details under [Securities Owned].

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