How do I change stakeholders' email address?

Click on the 'three dots' on the right hand side and 'Edit' to change the email addresses of each stakeholder.

  • You can edit the stakeholder's email address only when they have not yet 'Joined'. If the stakeholder has already 'Joined', you will not be able to change the email address. In case you sent an invitation to a wrong email address, please 'Delete' and 'Add New' to register a new stakeholder with the correct email address. 

Troubleshooting- please check if you are seeing the below message

The stakeholder has already been added.' : This pops up when there is a stakeholder using the same email address >> In this case, you are unable to edit the email address so delete the stakeholder using the email, and register once again!

- 'The email is not valid!' : This happens when the email address was not written in the right format >> Double-check if there is any spacing at the start or at the end!