[Options] Uploading and managing stock option contracts

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Note: Current beta version of stock option e-contract feature is available for free but will only be available for premium plan subscribers from the end of March 2022.

Upload stock option templates 

Navigate to: [Securities] → [Options] → [Drafted Options] → [Manage Option Templates]

To draft stock option agreements on QuotaBook, you must first upload option contract templates that are already in use within your company (you can upload and manage multiple templates depending on your needs). If you wish to manage master templates that can be saved and reused several times for different employees, there are few preliminary steps to take.

1. On the contract template you have, replace information subject to change by employee such as option holder's name, granted quantity, exercise price and granted date with text in curly brackets (refer to list below). This process will turn these fields into variables that can be changed and updated with different information managed on QuotaBook. All you need to do is figure out what fields are upon change when new employees are granted with options. 

  • Example: If you always grant 500 options at the exercise price of USD 1 for new employees, create a master template with these numbers inputted from draft. For the other fields such as option holder's name, address, grated date and others that are bound to change by employee, write the variables with curly brackets on the template so that they can be updated with the information you upload on QuotaBook.

List of fields supported on QuotaBook for customization

Fields  Variables (Write with curly brackets on template)
Company name (official) {{institution_name}}
Option holder name {{stakeholder_name}}
Granted quantity {{granted_quantity}}
Exercise price  {{exercise_price}}
Granted date {{granted_date}}
Expiration date  {{expiration_date}}
Signing date (signed by employee) {{signing_date}}
Option holder address   {{stakeholder_address}}
Option holder registration number  {{stakeholder_registration_number}}

Note: Currently, only MS Word .docx type files are supported.

2. Once your template is ready, please upload by clicking as below. Also, set a template name you can easily distinguish from others.  Then, click submit to have it ready for use on QuotaBook.

Stock option template FAQ

Q: How should we set the information of the company's signatory (company's official signee such as CEO and CFO authorizing the agreement)?

A: We recommend you to key in the name and information of the company signatory from the word document you create, rather than setting it as a dynamic field as your company's signatory is mostly like to not change. If you have to make changes to the signatory, we recommend that you create a new word document with the updated information and upload a new agreement template on QuotaBook. You can set up a separate list of company signatories in the [Request Signing] tab.

Q. How should I specify vesting schedules in the template?

A: We recommend you to set each vesting schedule as a relative period so that the template can be commonly used for multiple option holders.

4 year vesting quarterly with a 1 year cliff  (commonly used in Southeast Asia)

Q. How are dates shown when I make them a variable? 
The given date variables such as {{granted_date}} or {{signing_date}} will be shown as yyyy-mm-dd. If you have a specific format you wish to use, customize by setting variables with _yyyy, _mm or _dd right next to the date variables in curly brackets. 

- If you wish to use format yyyy-mm-dd, use default variable: {{granted_date}}
- If you wish to customize format as dd/mm/yyyy, specify variables: {{granted_date_dd}}/{{granted_date_mm}}/{{granted_date_yyyy}}

Q4. Can I designate a specific location for employees to sign?

You may use variables such as  {signing_position_1}{signing_position_2} ... to designate a position for an employee signature. 

Download and delete option contract templates 

Navigate to: [Securities] → [Options] → [Drafted Options] → [Manage Option Templates]

  • Download or delete uploaded option contract templates by clicking on the right-most 'more' button in the [Manage Option Templates] tab. 
  • If you wish to change the template name, we recommend you delete and re-upload the template with a new name for now. 

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