Editing Institution Information

This document explains how to set up company information on QuotaBook. 

Note: Refer to this page to add or manage board members.

Set up company information

Navigate to [Settings] → [Account Settings] → [Institution Info]

  • Input the company information as listed on the company register. Many QuotaBook features make use of the information on this page. Please make sure to fill out the required fields.
  • The main information you need for the company are as below;
    • Institution Name: Official institution listed on its register copy
    • Registration Number: Registration number of the institution on the register copy
    • Tax ID: Tax ID of the institution
    • Address: Address of the institution on the register copy
    • Website: Company website
    • Incorporation Date: Incorporation date on the register copy
    • Shares Authorized: Maximum number of shares that can be authorized as per the register copy (not the same as the number of shares issued as of now)
    • Initial Par Value: Par value according to the register copy
    • Currency: Main currency used by institution

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