Managing documents

This page explains how to:

Upload documents

Navigate to [Settings] → [Documents]

1. Go to the Settings tab on the left panel to the Documents page. Click [+ Add New].

2. Select [Upload New Files].

3. Drag & drop OR select the file to upload from finder.

  • You can add tags at the time of upload to view files by tag later.
  • You can also add and edit tags after you have uploaded the documents.

Create folders

Navigate to [Settings] → [Documents]

You may create folders to manage files by categories.

  1. In the [Documents] page, click [+ Add New] button on the right and click Create New Folder.
  1.  Enter the new folder name and click Create. You will see the created folder above the list of files.

You can move an uploaded file into another folder by clicking [:] on the right end of the bar then Edit.

Edit or Delete Files

Navigate to [Settings] → [Documents]

  1. To edit or delete an uploaded document, click on [:] on the right side of the bar.

    You can edit the file name, folder location and tags.

When you click Delete, you will see a popup confirmation.

Note: You cannot restore a file once deleted.

Add links

Navigate to [Settings] → [Documents]

You can gather all your frequently visited websites, Google Doc files, Google Drives and Dropbox links in one place.

  1. In the [Documents] page, click + Add New button on the right and click Add a File Link.
  1. Enter the file name, link and tags (optional) then click Add.
  • File name: Name of the embedded file or a link
  • Tag : Add tags to manage items by tag

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